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Carole Little

Dr. Keri Rogers

About Us


With more than fifty years of combined experience successfully leading,  managing and fundraising for high profile award winning nonprofit organizations, we are well positioned to assist the nonprofit community with organizational management & capacity building efforts. We are headquartered in the Houston, Texas area.  


Our unique strength lies in the ability to leverage knowledge from our collective nonprofit expertise to build on and inform one another. This holistic view influences every project, as Carole Little  (Lead Consultant), Dr. Keri Rogers, and Martha Van Buskirk  help clients devise strategies, implement plans and programs (especially those related to capacity building), evaluate progress and outcomes, and make ongoing improvements.


Martha Van Buskirk

"I highly recommend Third Sector Consultants for your next project. Our consultant, Carole Little, created a step by step action plan, met with me and my team regularly to keep us moving forward. Carole brings strategy, hands on experience, is flexible and most importantly cares about our organization's success."

Chree Boydstun

Legacy Community Health

"I want to express my sincere appreciation to Carole Little for her excellent and superior work. Her integrity and commitment are everything you would expect. She is recognized by her peers as a caring and strategic planner. She is easily recognized as a true nonprofit business leader in Houston. It has been a joy to work with her. It is with great pleasure that I offer her the highest recommendation as a leader who is leading the pack in her industry!

Dr. Mark H. Young

Methodist Willowbrook Hospital

Carole’s experience in all aspects of nonprofit operation and management provide her with a vast array of expertise which would make her an extremely effective organization evaluator.  She is dedicated to building and supporting nonprofits that improve the quality of life in Houston. I personally cannot think of anyone who would be more effective ... than Carole Little.

Vicky Wysocki 

TriFunding, LLC.


Houston, TX, USA


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