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The "Oh Wow" Factor of the Before and After

March 30, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I love watching shows that transition “ho-hum” people, places and things into something more attractive, unique, and desirable by giving them the “Oh Wow” factor. The experts seem to breathe new life into run down properties, outdated styles, and flea market junk. They listen to understand what people want or need, agree on the budget, then create a shared vision and plan of what might be, and once everyone is in agreement, the transformation begins. 


Some transformations from start to finish are hampered with hidden challenges that end up blowing the budget, slowing down the process, causing lots of stress, disappointment and sometimes even conflict.

Some people seem to have faith from the get-go in the skills and abilities of the team,  are supportive and encouraging while being open to change. Others are fearful, becoming anxious and stressed while some even become combative and create conflict at almost every turn. Just watching these moments I, too, feel the stress on both sides. Change is hard.


It’s intriguing to watch how the builders, designers, or artists work with everyone involved to build consensus on how to adjust the plan to eliminate the challenge and create an end result that makes everyone happy. It’s almost next to impossible to achieve that, don’t you think?


Somehow, through the magic of television, this amazing transformation takes place in just an hour! At the end of the process, we are excited to see the “Oh Wow” factor along with the joy and added value as a result of all the planning, adjusting, and hard work.


One of my greatest joys is watching organizational transformation through shared vision, planning, and teamwork. While the journey is often ripe with challenges, the “Oh Wow” factor is when you see the social impact on the communities you serve.


Do you have a shared vision? Are you ready for that makeover?


More about the author: Carole Little, the founder of ThirdSector Consultants, is a transformational architect with more than two decades of working with nonprofit leadership to transform hard-working teams into high performing teams that take their organization to the next level to focus more on the mission.   

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